A Complete Guide To Stem Cell Transplant

A Complete Guide To Stem Cell Transplant
A Complete Guide To Stem Cell Transplant

In the present day, hearing about stem cells in the news is a very common thing. It is also common that you would also hear a lot more about how they can help people save their lives. Stem cells are said to help in curing a lot of deadly diseases like various types of cancer.


We do know that we all have stem cells present in our bodies but do we exactly know what they are or what they do? We just know that they might be helpful in treating various types of diseases and injuries. Here is an article that will help you understand more about stem cells and stem cell transplant.


Stem Cells


Stem cells can be referred to as the raw materials of the body. These are cells from which various other new cells with more complex functions generate. Stem cells further divide to create more cells that are called daughter cells. Daughter cells can only be formed under the correct conditions of the body or in a laboratory. The daughter cells now further develop to become cells with complex functions or stem cells.


Stem cells can help in a lot of things like:


  • Improve the understanding of the root of the disease.
  • Test numerous new drugs for their effectiveness and safety.
  • Creates new cells that can replace cells with diseases.


Stem Cell Transplant


Stem cell transplant is a very commonly heard word, but what is it exactly? A stem cell transplant or a bone marrow transplant is a treatment in which the bone marrow of the patient is replaced with new and healthy cells. Now this replaced bone marrow can be either yours or it can also come from a donor.


This medical treatment is mainly used to treat diseases like different types of cancer. Types of cancer that can be treated with the help of a bone marrow transplant are lymphoma, myeloma, leukemia, and a lot more immune system diseases and blood diseases that in any way affect that patient’s stem cells.


Types Of Stem Cell Transplant


There are mainly 2 types of stem cell transplants. They are:


Autologous Transplant: The autologous Transplant is a type of bone marrow transplant treatment in which the stem cells generally come from the body of the patient. There are times when very high doses, radiation therapy, and also extensive chemotherapy is done on the patients. These high-level treatments can damage the stem cells of the patient’s body and can also affect the immune system. So doctors usually remove and save a set of stem cells from the patient’s body before the cancer treatment. So when the treatments are done they can replace the already removed stem cells in the body.


Allogenic Transplant: In the Allogenic Transplant the stem cells generally come from a different person who is known as the donor. The healthy stem cells from this donor’s body are removed and after the patient has completed the radiation therapy and chemotherapy treatments the healthy stem cells from the donor’s body are given to the patient. Now the healthy stem cells find and destroy the cancer-affected stem cells in the body of the patient.

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