Benefits Of French Drains: Why You Need Them?

Benefits Of French Drains: Why You Need Them?
Benefits Of French Drains: Why You Need Them?

The French drains are also known as weeping tile. It is actually trench which is filled with rocks or gravels along with a perforate pipe. This can redirect the water from the surface as well as from underground to the main drainage system. This will help to keep your space dry and free from extra water. These French drains can provide a channel for the easy flow of water through it. Basically, the water flows into the trench filled with gravels and then it is directed into the perforated pipe at the bottom of the trench.

Benefits of having French drains

There are some amazing benefits of choosing French drains systems Oklahoma City for your yard or lawn drainage system. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Installation of the drains: The most important benefit of the French drains is that they are quite easy to install. Even you can do it yourself without the need of any professional experts. The shallow French drains are mainly used for diverting the surface water from your lawn. On the other hand, deep French drains can prevent water from logging and creating problems in your foundation.
  2. Takes away moisture: Another important benefit for which this French drain is installed is that it takes away the water or moisture. Too much of water can flood your home and too much of moisture can weaken your home. These drains can direct the water from the higher spot to the lower areas and prevent the home or lawn from flooding.
  3. Eco-friendly: Another benefit of choosing the French drains is that it is eco-friendly in nature. The French drains are built up of gravel or stone and the pipe is made up of environment friendly materials. This can also save a lot of money.

Do you need French drains?

Many people ask about how they will know whether or not they will need a French drain. Well, if you are experiencing some issues with the water drainage system in your property, then it can be one of the best solutions. If you drainage system is not working well and water is not escaping like it should, then excess water can damage your property and the foundation of your house. You may notice some changes in the appearance of the foundation of your home too. If you notice muddy areas in your lawn and water logging, then installing the French drains is the right decision to make.


The main function of the French drain is to collect the water from below the surface and to move it from one point to another. If your residential property is having any drainage issue, it is better to choose this drainage system. They are very easy to install and can be done easily. The French drains can easily divert the logged water from your property keeping it safe and free from excess moisture. You can also look for the specialists who can install the French drain in Edmond OK. The professional help will definitely make your work much easier and better.

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