Purchasing Our Cabin In Colorado Springs

Purchasing Our Cabin In Colorado Springs
Purchasing Our Cabin In Colorado Springs

Buying Our Dream Vacation Cabin In Colorado Springs, Colorado

rudys bbq restaurant Italians love to travel, we trek across the world to enjoy some of the most beautiful destinations known to us. I personally have traveled to Brazil, the U.S., Japan, France, and Canada. All these beautiful destinations have luxury resorts and tourists attractions that will dazzle the most fluent travelers of the world. Our days of traveling though have become few and far between. We have instead decided to build our dream cabin in beautiful Colorado springs. There are amazing restaurants like Rudy’s BBQ which serves amazing American BBQ. There are so many beautiful land marks that one can’t even begin to imagine the natural beauty that exists there.

Four Amazing Destinations To Visit

North Cheyenne Cañon

Garden of The Gods

Will Rogers Shrine of The Sun

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo


Buying Our Cabin

colorado springs cabin

The purchasing process was a little difficult due to the fact that we were in Italy while we searched for our home. Thanks to virtual tours and available drone footage provided by the guys at AGL drone services   we were able to view arial footage of the property from Italy. The thing that stood out most was the amazing landscape of the property, There was  creek running through the backyard and wild life roaming the hillside. The interior of the cabin was gorgeous, they had previously remodeled the cabin back in 2014 and it had literally sat vacant for 3 years. The only issue we were presented with was the rooftop had not been replaced since the cabin had been built. Colorado has cold winters with heavy snowfall and that can be a problem for shake rooftops. Thanks to the drone company providing an arial view of the cabin we were able to notice that the rooftop was in need of repair. We contacted a a roofer in Colorado Springs to evaluate the rooftop and give us an estimate. Due to the travel time and the remote location of the cabin it was a little pricer to repair the roof than we had anticipated. Fortunately the  sellers agreed to cover half the cost of the roof and we agreed to purchase the cabin.

Our First Trip To Colorado Springs

After the purchase went through it was time for us to make a trip out there, furnish the cabin, and stay for the summer. We were overjoyed with the experience and with the purchase. Six months a year in Italy and six months a year in Colorado Springs will work just fine for us. We look forward to visiting all the local destinations and meeting some new friends. I don’t anticipate becoming a Broncos fan anytime soon though. Go Seahawks!!


Colorado Springs Map

If you have never visited Colorado Springs, here is a map that will give you a satellite type view of the area.