Few Steps For Quality Concrete Slab Repair

Few Steps For Quality Concrete Slab Repair
Few Steps For Quality Concrete Slab Repair

Though many of us hire professionals for  Oklahoma City concrete slab repair, if you look around, do some research and gather information and knowledge you will realize that it could be done by you using some simple materials and tools. With the passage of time it is quite possible that concrete slabs wear out or they start cracking and peeling off. In such situations, you must get the repairs done as early as possible without wasting too much of time. Such slab repairs are very common on patios, driveway flooring, garage flooring, and other such places. The type of repair would depend on the type of cracks and the area that needs to be covered. The type of concrete on which the repairs need to be done also has a big role to play. However, there are some common steps which are common as far as concrete slab repairing is concerned. We are sharing a few such steps for the benefit of our readers.

Preparation Of The Area

The first and most important task is to ensure that the concrete slab is prepared properly before the actual repair starts. You must be sure that there are no loose pieces of concrete as far as the damaged concrete slab is concerned. You could use hammer and chisel to remove any stones. You must double check that the surface is free from any loose stones and rocks.

Start With The Reinforcement

The next step is to drill holes using a hammer drill. The holes must be spaced equally in the entire area which you want to patch. You might come across shorter rebar pieces and you may have to hammer them. once this has been done you must use a brush to ensure that the dust is fully cleaned and the entire surface is free from dust and debris.

Application Of The Cement Paint

You must now mix water with cement in the right ratio till such time you have a pancake-like batter. It must be thick without but with enough moisture and water in it. The damaged areas must also be watered (with very little water). The next task is to apply the cement pancake batter you have just prepared. It must be evenly and smoothly spread over the rebar and concrete.

Ready And Mix The Concrete

The next step is to ready and mix the concrete which you will be using in the damaged patch. The mixture should consist of 1.1/2 parts of cement, 2 parts of sand and 3 parts of gravel. The right quantity of water should be added till it becomes pourable on to the damaged surface. Ensure that the mixture is not too thin.

 Pour The Concrete

You should now pour the concrete into the damaged area. You also must ensure that the rebar is placed in the center of the patch.  This will give that extra strength and reinforcements. You could also use a block of wood which will help you to go over the concrete and ensure that it is fully leveled.

Finishing The Surface

The next step is to finish the surface. You must bear in mind that Oklahoma City erosion control begins to harden only after a couple of hours. You would do well to rub the repaired surface with a wood block. This will roughen it a bit and ensure that it matches with the rest of the slab.

Finally, the patch should be cured by putting plastic over it. The curing period should be for 3 days. Proper curing is important.