Low e-Storm Windows – Facts You Need to Know

Low e-Storm Windows – Facts You Need to Know
Low e-Storm Windows – Facts You Need to Know

Storm windows reflect back heat that comes with a low-e coating throughout the winter and outdoors in the summer, making the house more pleasant. Storm windows in OKC, the relatively new low-e models have such a low-e coating which decreases the emissivity of the glass but also minimizes energy transmission via the storm window. Older storm windows were usually just clear glass, and though newer low-e models have a low-e coating which lowers the emissivity of the glass but also minimizes energy transmission via the storm window. The emissivity of uncoated glass is normally around 0.84, but the emissivity of low-e coated glass could be as low as 0.16.

Low-e storm windows have the following advantages

  • It costs about a fourth of the price of a full window replacement.
  • Appealing to the eye
  • Operable
  • Minimize noise and draughts while increasing comfort.
  • Similar to full window installation in terms of energy savings
  • Storm windows with frosted glass reflect radiant heat 35% more than clear glass storm windows.
  • Acts as an air-sealing measure, reducing overall home air leakage by 10%.
  • Over 5-7 years, you will see a return on your investment.
  • Based on the type of window currently installed in the property, low-e exterior and interior storm windows could save you 12–33 percent on heating and cooling bills.

Interior vs. Exterior

Various types of windows can be fitted with storm windows. These could be mounted on the inside or outside of the main window. Storm window materials vary from minor plastic sheets or films suitable for a single heating season to triple-track glass systems with a low-emissivity coating which can last for years.


Glass, special plastic sheets, or plastic panels with specialized optical properties may be used in mid-priced storm windows. Those composed of laminated glass or polycarbonate plastic are also highly resistant against breakage amid storms and/or intruders.

Glass panes provide superior visibility and have a longer lifespan than plastic panes. Plastic panels, like Plexiglas and acrylics, are more durable as well as lighter than glass, but they are more likely to scratch.


  • The most popular storm window frame materials are aluminum, wood, and vinyl. All kinds of frame materials have advantages and downsides. Aluminum frames heat up quickly despite being highly robust, light, and nearly maintenance-free. Aluminum is a weak insulating material as a result of this.
  • Wooden frames are effective insulators, but they deteriorate over time. They also respond to weather by expanding and contracting.
  • Metal frames could be quite heavy as well as thick, but wood frames could be quite light and thin. It can end up making storage hard, restrict the quantity of natural light in the space, and reduce the view out the window. Wooden frames also necessitate the most upkeep.
  • Vinyl frames are often made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with UV stabilizers to prevent the material from degrading in the sun. Nevertheless, at high temperatures, it may expand and twist, and at lower temperatures, it may break. Also, if the cloth is exposed to sunlight for several hours each day, colors apart from white will fade with time.


New window low-e storm designs may be opened or closed, and they reduce air leakage more effectively than older storm window designs. Low e-insulating storm panels, as well as insulating cellular blinds, are excellent at minimizing heat loss but also heating and cooling expenditures in heating-dominated weather in north/central zones. Solar control low-e storm windows would probably be more efficient for energy savings in warmer areas which can be installed by professional storm windows in OKC suppliers.

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