The History Of Women’s Golf Dresses

The History Of Women’s Golf Dresses
The History Of Women’s Golf Dresses

Golf was introduced in Canada and the USA  in the 1870s. It became popular quite fast and it was a matter of time before it was accepted in other countries of Europe, Australia, and Asia. Today, golf is one of the most popular outdoor sports. However, initially, only men were allowed to play and game and it took some time before women were made a part of it. Golf is different from other sports because it does not require jumping, running or performing other such moves. Golf attires are therefore informal compared to other sports like football, cricket, badminton, basketball, rugby, and other outdoor games. At the same time, golf players, both men, and women are not allowed to wear the same dress. When the first bunch of women started playing the game, they were made to wear long skirts that covered their entire leg. While this may have protected them from the elements of nature, not many women players liked it. This is because it was cumbersome and it limited their ability to exhibit their talents the best way possible. However, things did turn around and today, we have some of the trendiest golf attires that are being worn by women golfers. It would be a good idea to trace the history of women’s golf and we will have a reasonably good look at the evolution of women golf skirts.

The Early 1904s

There were some changes in golf dresses for women during the early 1904s. Free stroke coats first came into being. It came with special sleeves and it helped women to move freely and make good use of the golfer’s arms. The raisable skirt also made its first appearance and these skirts were famous for crochet players. These skirts had special drawstrings and could be raised to eight inches and more from the ground. It made gold playing that much simpler and easier.

The 20th Century

The 20th century also brought in many radical changes as far as  long sleeve golf shirts for women’s were concerned. The standard costume consisting of a jacket, blouse and shirt came into being. It started around 1909 and many women were seen wearing cardigan knit sweaters in place of the jacket. This perhaps was the first harbinger of change for women who loved playing golf in a competitive environment.

Modern Day Dresses

Things kept moving from one level to the other and today we have some of the trendiest golf dresses that are taking the world by storm. The days of full skirts and other such dresses are over. Women are allowed to wear short dresses above the knees provided it is well protected. The accessories like shoes, hats, caps, goggles and other such things also have gone through many changes and it is moving in tune with the times. However, compared to men, some restrictions exist even today and therefore we need to keep this in mind at all points of time.

The Final Word

Like all sports, golf also is going through many changes and the dresses that are a part of it also are changing with time. it is becoming bolder and sharper and there is an emphasis on bright colors and designs.

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When Should You Hire A Plastic Surgeon

When Should You Hire A Plastic Surgeon
When Should You Hire A Plastic Surgeon

Many of us who are in their 30s and 40s would rue the fact that they are not able to get back the body that they had in their early 20s. While diet and exercising could go a long way in helping them to a certain extent, there may be situations, where they may have no other option but to hire the services of a good plastic surgeon to take things forward. There is a growing demand for cosmetic as well as plastic surgeons in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. However, all situations may not warrant the hiring of these professionals. We are sharing a few classic situations where it may be necessary to visit a plastic or cosmetic surgeon and take things forward.

You May Not Be Happy With Certain Parts Of The Body 

In a world where looks matter, you may feel that you would do better with a chin implant. There also could be situations where you could have bat wings that look ugly and also add a lot of weight. Your breasts could be too small or too big and might require augmentation or reduction. Your nose could be crooked in which case you would a rhinoplasty or nose job. Many people might feel that it is time for them to go in for liposuction to remove those unmanageable chunks of fat around their abdomen, waist, thighs and arms.

The journey of Life Taking Its Toll

As we age, even the best-maintained body starts to accumulate flaws and blemishes. You could have breasts with stretch marks and pregnancy marks in your abdomen might continue to look ugly. You may have suffered an injury that might leave some ugly scars on your face and other parts of the body. All these might require the intervention and attention of a good plastic surgeon, cosmetic surgeon or reconstructive surgeon.

Wrinkles All Your Face

Wrinkles and sagging facial muscles is a common problem with age. The wrinkles may play a hide and seek till the age of 40 and once beyond forty, the wrinkles start appearing quite clearly. In such cases, there is no other option but to go in for plastic surgery and corrective cosmetic surgery to ensure that the wrinkles remain hidden for as long as possible.

Anti Ageing Creams Not Working

There are dozens of ageing creams in the market today and each one of them promises quite a few things. However, beyond an age, when wrinkles and lines become prominent even the best of ageing creams may not work. Therefore the next best option would be to go in for intrusive methods like cosmetic procedures and surgeries.

You Don’t Mind a Few Scars

It would be wrong to believe that plastic surgery is free from scars. Plastic surgeons might look at some ways to camouflage them but there is no doubt that some scars will be left behind. It could be visible in the breasts after you have a breast augmentation procedure in OKC or surgery. It might become visible if you wear low cut blouses and other revealing dresses. Many end users may not mind small scars provided it gives them a much better look overall.


To sum up, there is no doubt that there could be situations where plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery would become a reality because of obvious reasons.

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Automotive Financing For Beginners

Automotive Financing For Beginners
Automotive Financing For Beginners

Every individual, at some point in life, buys a car. Owning a vehicle in modern-day America is a must if you want to commute conveniently between home and work. However, most of us don’t have the cash-in-hand to make a purchase, and that’s where financing becomes a crucial part of making your first purchase. Buying a car requires a substantial amount of money, and the thought of coming out of pocket for it is unsettling to some. It’s just not in the budget of most families, so when the time comes, and you need to make a purchase, financing becomes one of the best and most accessible options. 

First Time Buyers

Fortunately, there are available options for people to own a car without putting up a ton of money. Most banks and credit unions offer financing that is exclusive for first-time buyers. For many, this can be a very tiresome process and maybe too much for some. The process takes time and knowledge, and most don’t have either. The banks and credit unions have specialized loan officers in place to handle auto financing in Oklahoma City, so someone should be able to guide you through the process. 

Financing might be the only option for many, so understanding the basics will help prepare you for the process. 

Getting a Loan

In situations where finances are tight, the best option is financing. Many available resources offer loans and financing solutions. Getting a loan will make sure you do not have to empty your savings account all at one go to get into a vehicle. Oklahoma City Car loans and financing work in different ways, and it is in your best interest to look at and analyze your options carefully before arriving at a decision.

You can choose from several sources when you are looking to get financing for your car. These include banks, credit unions, dealerships, online loan institutions, and equity loans. These places all have their pros and cons and have different financing options for you. In that case, it would be advisable to look through these with utmost care. The main thing to watch out for is the repayment interest rate, which more or less will determine how much you will pay or the car throughout the term of the loan. Your credit score will need to be somewhat decent to get a reasonable interest rate.  

Good Credit Score

One thing which always helps when you are looking for a car loan is good credit. No matter what kind of financial institution you are taking out the loan from, your credit score will always be relevant. Therefore, if you have a good credit rating, it is sure to help your case in obtaining financing for your car.

A lot of banks and credit card companies add exclusive perks or features to their car loans and auto refinance packages to lure customers. Whether they are helping is for you to examine and find out. Overall, if you are careful, this is arguably the best way to go about things if you are looking to purchase a new car.

Things Window Replacement Companies May Try And Hide From You

Things Window Replacement Companies May Try And Hide From You
Things Window Replacement Companies May Try And Hide From You

Replacing a window or having it repaired is a regular feature in most homes. Windows have a lifespan of their own and are subject to regular wear and tear. They also have to bear the brunt of the elements and therefore are subject to cracks, breakage, and other such problems. Many homeowners would like to have a window that looks modern and contemporary and therefore believes that it is time to have the panes and windows replaced fully. Whether it is replacement or repair of windows, you have to always identify a suitable professional in and around Oklahoma City. While you could find one in your street corner, you must choose them after careful research and due diligence. We will list down a few things that a few OKC window replacement companies might try and hide from you. Being aware of the same will ensure that you choose only the best ones in the business and get the best value for money.

They Don’t Give Quotes

It is extremely important to hire a window repair company that is ready to give a transparent and clear quote for the work that they propose to do. This should be a simple and straightforward job and any professional window replacement company should be willing to do it. It is okay if the company gives a quote for a single window. You can multiply the same with the number of windows that you want to be repaired or replaced provided the size of the windows and the repair work are the same. Stay away from window repair companies that offer you sales presentations instead of firm quotations.

Markups On Windows Are Huge

Window replacement companies spend big money on advertising and any average-sized company could be spending close to $1000 on advertising per customer. Where will they collect this money from? Obvious from the customers and they will do it by increasing the markup price of windows. This fact will never be told to you as a customer and you must dig deep and find out the actual cost of windows. You will do well to research and find out the actual cost of window glasses and panes from the market. If you spend some time in the wholesale markets, you will be surprised at the difference between the actual price and the markups that are offered by window replacement companies.

They May Refrain From Giving Choices

There are different types of replacement windows available in the market. There are different brands and styles and in terms of performance also there are different choices available. Even the best of window replacement companies might not put on the table all choices. They will try and push only those brands where the markup is high. Therefore, you must not be taken in by sales talks and glitzy presentations. You must insist on looking at various other options and choices because this would certainly help you to save quite a bit of money.

Therefore, it may not be prudent to take the statement or offer of the window replacement companies on face value. You must do your research and be sure that you are getting the right product at the right price.

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Tips On Choosing Right Surveillance Systems For Homes

Tips On Choosing Right Surveillance Systems For Homes
Tips On Choosing Right Surveillance Systems For Homes

With the instances of robbery, burglary and other criminal activities increasing in homes and residential areas, there is a need to fully secure the safety of our homes. While spending money and effort on the best locking system is important, we also should have other things in place. We should have a foolproof entry and exit system for homes and the role of surveillance and monitoring system for homes is extremely vital. When we talk about such systems, the first thing that comes to our mind is CCTVs. They are considered to be one of the best tools and devices as far as home security is concerned. However, with so many choices available and so many brands shouting from the top of the roof, making a clear choice may often become quite tough. Hence, we are sharing below a few of the important tips that we should bear in mind when it comes to choosing the right surveillance systems for our homes in Indianapolis. We are sure it will help get the right perspective about these devices and this will, in turn, help you to make the right choice.


Will Cameras Be A Discreet Or Visual Deterrent?

 You must decide on the location and the things you would like to monitor. This will decide whether you would like to go in for a visual deterrent or a discrete one. In case you want to send a strong message that the wrongdoers could be under surveillance, then going in for box cameras could perhaps be the right choice. On the other hand, dome cameras are often considered to be the best option if you wish to be discreet. This is because of their small size and also the spherical shape. There are also ultra-compact models of cameras that can fit into the palm of your hand. You also could think about installing a PZT or Pan Tilt Zoom because it has the capability of monitoring large and expansive areas. It also can follow the subjects easily.


Will It Be Used Indoors Or Outdoors

 These days, there are CCTV cameras that can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes. However, there could be some issues concerning housing and mounting. Outdoor cameras have to be housed in a closed environment because they need to be protected from the elements of nature and also they should not be damaged by stone-throwing or other such acts of burglars and wrongdoers. You must have special cameras installed in case you live in a city or location where the winters are extremely hostile and tough.


The Area You Want To Cover

 This is a very important point that you must take into account before you invest money on monitoring cameras. If you are an individual homeowner, then perhaps you need a camera that can cover large areas. Further, you also may not more than one camera to take care of the garden, backdoor, garage, and other such areas.



 In fine, there is no doubt that there are quite a few things that must be kept in mind when it comes to choosing the right CCTV camera for your home. If it is an office, factory or retail stores, then you may have to think about something more sophisticated and different.

How To Remove Mercaptan Odor

How To Remove Mercaptan Odor
How To Remove Mercaptan Odor

Also known as thiols, mercaptan is a harmless but highly pungent and foul-smelling gaseous substance. It is found in many industrial wastes and it also can be present in gaseous and liquid wastes. Some forms of mercaptan could be toxic but the toxic variants are found in very low concentrations. They can be easily detected because of the overpowering smell and even when they are present in small quantities the smell will be quite strong. However, they need to be present in significantly large quantities for them to be toxic and harmful for human beings and other living creatures. In most cases, they are not considered hazardous but are rather looked at a horrible nuisance because of its foul smell. You need to bear in mind that the odor detection levels are calculated in the order of PPB or parts per billion. Hence, this certainly would give you an idea as to how badly smelling is mercaptan. Hence it is quite obvious that there should be ways and means that could help to control mercaptan quite effectively. While there are many such ways, in this article we will be looking at the use of hydrogen peroxide for the purpose of effectively controlling mercaptan.

How Is It Effective

Hydrogen peroxide has been considered as a safe and reliable option for oxidizing thiols and that too across a range of temperatures and also in different concentrations. However, there could be a need for using catalysis for vigorous oxidation. Before going through the use of hydrogen peroxide for removing mercaptan, we should have some basic understanding of the sources of thiols or mercaptan. When the Kraft pulping process takes place, methanethiol is formed as a byproduct. This happens because of the demethylation of a substance known as lignin. Additionally, in various petroleum products thiols come into being because of the decomposition of various agents that are rich in sulfur. This happens during the refining process.

On the other hand, thiols do have their own areas of applications. They are used in ore floatation and are also used and are converted into byproducts in different types of chemical manufacturing processes. These include insecticides, pharmaceuticals, rubber additives, wetting agents and plastics. Thiols or mercaptan is formed when bacterial decomposition happens as far as organic materials are concerned. These are typically found in sewage treatment plants and also in the rendering industry.

Treatments Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can be useful for removing mercaptan from natural gas and liquids. This is done by a process of mild oxidation. This creates a reaction and it happens once the mixing has been done. The products and compounds, including hydrogen peroxide, are water-insoluble and they form an oily layer. Hence they can be readily separated and once the separation process has been done you have only trace amounts of odorous materials. However, the weight ratio of hydrogen peroxide to that of thiols has to be correct and only experts would be able to determine the ratio.

Hence at the end of the day, there is hardly any doubt that while mercaptan is an unavoidable byproduct in various areas, hydrogen peroxide could be easily used for completely eliminating the thiols.-

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Pros And Cons Of Assisted Living

Pros And Cons Of Assisted Living
Pros And Cons Of Assisted Living

As we age, we always would like to look for a place where we can live the rest of our lives comfortably and in good health and happiness. In today’s world of nuclear families, in most homes, there is no place for elders unless of course, they have properties in their names that they would like to pass on to the next generations. Hence, for most moving into a senior housing community is an option. While many elders could be in good health conditions, there could be others who might have some physical challenges. Therefore they need assistance perhaps at each and every step. In such cases, choosing the right assisted living in Long Island could be the best way out. However, before spending and moving into assisted living, you must gather as much information as you possibly can. We are therefore happy to share some useful information about the pros and cons associated with assisted living in Huntington, we are sure it will help you to make the right choice based on the information that is being shared below.


Benefits Of Assisted Living


  • To begin with, you get the best of assistance as far as day to day living activities are concerned. These include dressing, bathing, eating, and other such activities.
  • You will be able to have the help that is needed to adapt to changing needs. This certainly is useful for people who have some different abilities and physical challenges.
  • There is no need for maintaining a home separately. At the same time, you also will have access to greater privacy and a setting that is as good as the home of your own.
  • Elderly people often suffer from loneliness. Hence, when they are in an assisted living facilityin Jericho, they get a chance to socialize with likeminded people and also take part in various scheduled and unscheduled activities.
  • It is also is cost-effective and much cheaper when compared to a nursing home.
  • Elderly people suffering from early dementia and other physical challenges have a chance to live a fairly comfortable and independent life.
  • The inmates also get access to quality on-site medical care. The care that is offered is thought out well and takes into account the specific needs and requirements of these elderly people with varying degrees and types of physical and mental challenges.
  • It could be the best option for all those elders who are looking for an option where full-time care is not needed.


The Disadvantages Of Assisted Living


  • It could be cost-prohibitive.
  • Quite a few elderly people might have trouble adjusting to a rigid group-setting with laid down policies.
  • People suffering from moderate dementia and other medical conditions may not get the kind of treatment and support that is needed in assisting living homesin Garden City.
  • Many seniors are comfortable staying in homes and would like to close to their sons, daughters and other family members.
  • Many assisted living facilities have semi-private rooms and they may have to share the room with another mate. This could be a problem for many seniors who love privacy at least in their living rooms and bedrooms.

 Hence, there is a need to evaluate both the pros and cons before going in for an assisted living.

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Things To Consider When Choosing Assisted Living Facility

Things To Consider When Choosing Assisted Living Facility
Things To Consider When Choosing Assisted Living Facility

If you are from Rockville and looking to find the right assisted living facility, we are quite sure that you will not find it easy and simple. It certainly is an once-in-a-lifetime event and therefore you would not like to make any mistake about the same. There is a growing number of such assisted live in facilities and therefore this makes the task of choosing the right facility even tougher. Further, not many senior people have the right information and knowledge about these assisted living facilities. Hence, would it not be a good idea if we are able to list down some important points that one should keep in mind when selecting and shortlisting such facilities. These have been taken from real life experiences and therefore they are practical from all points of view. So, without wasting any more time, we are listing down some of the important points to be kept in mind when you decide to choose an assisted living facility in Forest Hills NY.

 Don’t Go By Superficial Look

 Many of these facilities have the best of decors, painting, flooring, lighting and other such things. While these are important, it may not be right to just go by these superfluous things alone. You must look into the other facilities that are important. These include the staff, the kind of food that is served there, the recreational facilities, the medical and emergency health facilities and other such things. As a rule of the thumb, it will always be advisable to look for assisted living facilities in New Hyde Park that have one staff to take care of maximum twelve inmates.

Be Informed About The Turnover

You could have assisted living facilities with the right number of staffs, but they could keep changing every now and then. It would always be better to look for facilities that have a stable staff base. The employees should have been working for reasonably long period of time. This is also true for the facility administrator. An administrator with the right experience in a particular living facility is always an asset and therefore this should always be kept in mind.

 Are The Resident Active And Friendly

 You would not like to be a part of an assisted living facility where you have the residents stuck inside their rooms and being unto themselves. You would always love to have an environment where the people are friendly and who love to move around, be active and spend time happily and jovially. This not only keeps your mind healthy, but your body also remains healthy for obvious reasons. You will also be active and move around.

 Always Talk To The Residents

 It makes lot of sense to spend quality time talking to the residents of the assisted living facilities. Most of them are forthcoming and transparent and will be happy to talk about the quality of life they enjoy and also share other important pieces of information like food, medical facility, and recreation and entertainment facilities amongst other things.

Finally, you also should spend time getting to know more about the financial aspect and the rates charged by the assisted living facilities. This is very important. While looking for cost effective solutions, you should not compromise on quality.

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Why Should You Hire A Roofing Contractor?

Why Should You Hire A Roofing Contractor?
Why Should You Hire A Roofing Contractor?

Do you want to repair or replace your roof? Are you looking for the best outcome to ensure better efficiency and a durable result?  If yes, you can consider hiring a roofing contractor. An experienced professional can serve your interest in the best possible manner. A roofing contractor understands the material and well-trained to offer a flawless job. If you hire a reliable and experienced contractor, you can expect the following benefits.

Skill & Experience

Both these make a great difference in a roofing project. If the contractor is skilled and experienced, he can offer the most suitable solution depending on your specific demands. Also, they understand different types of materials and their unique requirements. If you want to do it on your own, you will not get the perfection. As a result, you might need repair or replacement after a few days. Therefore, it is important to take the help of professionals for your roof project to ensure the safety of your home as well as to get quality work.

Proper Ventilation

Skilled professionals understand different requirements and will do a proper job to get proper ventilation. If the ventilation is not placed properly, then there is a possibility that your roof will be exposed to more heat and moisture and that will affect the longevity.

Flawless Installation

If your roof is not installed properly, then it will be subjected to damage from harsh weather conditions and outside elements. A OKC roofing contractor will make sure that the hammers in the nail under the overlap of the shingle.  This is the difficult task of roofing and people do mistake by hammering it in too deep that causes shingles to trap more moisture.  Proper installation is important both for ventilation and to prevent excess wear and tear.

Cost-effective Solution

People normally believe that they will have to spend more if they hire a roofing contractor. In contrary, roofing contractors offer a cost-effective solution. There is no doubt that they will charge a fee. But they will save your money on material, tool, and other things. If you do it on your own, you will have to buy tools and you might need labor as well. Also, you will have to spend time on your project.  You can avoid all these by hiring a roofing contractor.  A contractor will help you to buy the best quality material at a reasonable price and that will offer a durable result.


Safety is one of the most important factors that inspire many to hire roofing contractors. Roofing is a difficult task. Any ignorance might cause both serious and minor injuries. You can imagine what will happen if you fall from the ladder. You will injure yourself. You can avoid all these hassles by hiring contractors.

In addition, reliable Commercial roofing contractors in Edmond are insured. If they cause any material and emotional loss during the process, you will be compensated soon.  Consider all the above factors for hiring a roofing contractor. While hiring a contractor, make sure that he is skilled, experienced, bonded, and insured.

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Qualities Of A Good Dental Specialist

Qualities Of A Good Dental Specialist
Qualities Of A Good Dental Specialist

If you are on the lookout for a quality dental specialist in your city, you certainly have many choices. However, when it comes to picking one over the other, you could be in a state of confusion and indecision. The market for dental business is extremely competitive and there are many players vying for space. While competition is good, it could also be a difficult task to choose from many of the players. Under such situations, you must know how to separate the grain from the chaff. Hence, we are happy to share some useful and pertinent information about the various points that differentiate a good dental clinic from a not so good one. We are sharing some useful points that could help you in making the right choice.

 The Quality Of Dentists

 This is without any doubt one of the most important points that you must take into account when it comes to identifying a good dental clinic in OKC. The dentists who run the show must be able to offer the best of services and the kind of services that they offer must also be wide and varied. They should be qualified, experienced, and have the expertise in handling regular dental problems and also problems related to orthodontist related issues. Hence, this is one of the most important issues that must be taken into account when you are searching for a good clinic.

 The Infrastructure That It Has

 There is no point in having the best of dental specialists if the clinic lacks the facilities and infrastructure to cater to its patients. You must be sure that it has the most modern diagnostic and investigative tools so that they are able to offer the best possible solutions to the customers. A few examples are digital x-ray machines, a scanning machine, facilities for anesthesia both local and general and also the best of outpatient and in-patient facilities.

 The Rates That They Charge

 There is no doubt that dental clinics and visits to dental doctors are becoming quite expensive. Hence, you would do better to do your research and then choose the right professionals. You must check their rates and be sure that they are benchmarked with the market rates. However, in your endeavor to choose the right professional, you must not compromise on quality under any circumstances.

 The Post Treatment Facilities

 Some forms of dental treatments might call for revisits and some post-treatment instructions and advice should also be followed. The onus lies on the dental clinic to ensure that the same is followed at all points of time.

 Location Is Important

 Finally, you must always ensure that the dental clinic is well located because of obvious reasons of comfort and convenience. It should not be very far either from your home and workplace.

Finally, the above are the main points that one should bear in mind when it comes to identifying such professionals. It might take some time and effort but it is always worth it in more ways than one.

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