Pros and Cons Of Shotguns For Self-Defense

Pros and Cons Of Shotguns For Self-Defense
Pros and Cons Of Shotguns For Self-Defense

If you are looking for the most suitable and reliable home-defense firearm, there are reasons to believe that the good old shotgun could be one of the best choices. It has become popular across the entire country and also in other parts of the world because it has some obvious benefits and advantages. At the same time, it also does have some drawback and downsides. Hence it would be interesting to find out more about the pros and cons so that the next time when you come across a OKC shotgun for sale advertisement you would be able to take the right decision.




  •    Accuracy is one of the biggest plus points as far as these shotguns are concerned. It is fired from the shoulder and therefore it has much better stability compared to hand fired guns. The pistol fired shots could miss the target but this may not be the case as far as these OKC used gun safes. They are capable of taking down moving target quite easily. This is because the shots spread out covering a bigger area when compared to a single bullet. This is not the case when you decide to use a pistol or skeet gun.
  •   Power. This is one more important reason as to why shotguns are so very popular. When you buy full power shotgun buckshot you get 9 pellets of 0.33 caliber and they travel at supersonic speed.  You can hit the attacker square in the chest. You can be sure that one shot is enough to stop the attacker or intruder. As far as moving targets are concerned even if a few pellets find the market, you can be sure that you will not miss the target because the effect is powerful.


  •    Intimidation is another important attribute as far as these guns are concerned. The very sight of somebody moving around or wielding a shotgun would be enough to ward off and scare somebody who is trying something malicious or mischievous. If the attacker is unwilling to back off a single shot fired from these shotguns would be enough to make him or her run away from the scene. It is quite possible that the attacker would be mortally wounded in the first shot itself and if not he or she would be trying to flee the scene.


  •    Affordable – Compared to other self-defense firearms, there are reasons to believe that shotguns are more affordable. If you wish to buy a basic model, you are likely to get it for around $500. The cost of any semi-automatic pistol will also be the same but in terms of utility, there is no doubt that they cannot compare with shotguns. Hence if you are looking for something that offers value for money, then this could be the most obvious choice. Recoiling is also a big challenge and the ammunition capacity is much lower when compared to ARs and other such firearms.


In fine though there are some shortcomings, on the whole, there are reasons to believe that it makes sense to invest in shotguns because of the obvious benefits and advantages.