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What is Bone Marrow Foundation

What is Bone Marrow Foundation
What is Bone Marrow Foundation

In today’s world, medical science researchers and doctors face the challenge of curing patients with various kinds of diseases which can be genetic or can be introduced into the individual after the lifestyle they lead. Regardless, this is a growing concern for the medical field professionals as to how to cure these diseases or in some cases how to partially remedy them and this is where the bone Marrow Foundation can help everyone.

What Is Bone Marrow

Bone marrow is a soft tissue found inside the bones in our body. They are responsible for the formation of blood cells (or blood stem cells). They produce lymphocytes or white blood cells which aids in defense against various disease-causing pathogens. They aid in the formation of Erythrocytes or red blood cells which helps in carrying oxygen throughout the body. They also help in the formation of platelets which aid in a blood clot in the cases of cuts and bruises. In some cases, the blood cancer bone marrow transplant in some humans loses the ability to function normally and thus loses its normal physiological functions. In those cases, the bone marrow is needed to be transferred into those patients from healthy individuals matching their blood type.

The main disease in which bone marrow transplant is required is cancer. More specifically Leukemia, Lymphoma, aplastic anemia, and sickle cell disease. Before the transplant is done radiation or Chemotherapy is given to destroy the Bone marrow cells and thus stopping the formation and transfusion of cancerous cells in the body. After that, the healthy bone marrow is transfused into the bones and the healthy cell formation starts. Though this method is effective it comes with its drawbacks.

What Is Bone Marrow Foundation

A healthy bone marrow donor is not available for every patient that incurs these diseases. Due to that, there are foundations that store stem cells and bone marrow of healthy individuals which are used in later times for the treatment of patients who require those. These bone marrow foundations are spread worldwide and have millions of laboratories preserving them. Over time these bone marrow foundations have become an absolute necessity and importance for the people in the field of medical science. There are also research laboratories in these bone marrow foundations where scientists try to find the cure of diseases that are presently ‘incurable’ in nature and cost human life.

These bone marrow foundations have members from various huge medical facilities and nowadays every hospital or multispeciality units have the involvement of these organizations to help patients. We have come a long way in future where cells from one person have the capability of curing other people who had the threat of death previously. These leukemia bone marrow transplant foundations are a lifesaver to millions of people who might have the misfortune of losing a loved one to a deadly incurable disease. Sometimes for the financially unstable, These organizations provide transplants free of cost. Thus this is a beneficial and helpful step towards mankind and the creation of a better future where the once incurable diseases have the capability and the chance of being cured.

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