The History Of Women’s Golf Dresses

The History Of Women’s Golf Dresses
The History Of Women’s Golf Dresses

Golf was introduced in Canada and the USA  in the 1870s. It became popular quite fast and it was a matter of time before it was accepted in other countries of Europe, Australia, and Asia. Today, golf is one of the most popular outdoor sports. However, initially, only men were allowed to play and game and it took some time before women were made a part of it. Golf is different from other sports because it does not require jumping, running or performing other such moves. Golf attires are therefore informal compared to other sports like football, cricket, badminton, basketball, rugby, and other outdoor games. At the same time, golf players, both men, and women are not allowed to wear the same dress. When the first bunch of women started playing the game, they were made to wear long skirts that covered their entire leg. While this may have protected them from the elements of nature, not many women players liked it. This is because it was cumbersome and it limited their ability to exhibit their talents the best way possible. However, things did turn around and today, we have some of the trendiest golf attires that are being worn by women golfers. It would be a good idea to trace the history of women’s golf and we will have a reasonably good look at the evolution of women golf skirts.

The Early 1904s

There were some changes in golf dresses for women during the early 1904s. Free stroke coats first came into being. It came with special sleeves and it helped women to move freely and make good use of the golfer’s arms. The raisable skirt also made its first appearance and these skirts were famous for crochet players. These skirts had special drawstrings and could be raised to eight inches and more from the ground. It made gold playing that much simpler and easier.

The 20th Century

The 20th century also brought in many radical changes as far as  long sleeve golf shirts for women’s were concerned. The standard costume consisting of a jacket, blouse and shirt came into being. It started around 1909 and many women were seen wearing cardigan knit sweaters in place of the jacket. This perhaps was the first harbinger of change for women who loved playing golf in a competitive environment.

Modern Day Dresses

Things kept moving from one level to the other and today we have some of the trendiest golf dresses that are taking the world by storm. The days of full skirts and other such dresses are over. Women are allowed to wear short dresses above the knees provided it is well protected. The accessories like shoes, hats, caps, goggles and other such things also have gone through many changes and it is moving in tune with the times. However, compared to men, some restrictions exist even today and therefore we need to keep this in mind at all points of time.

The Final Word

Like all sports, golf also is going through many changes and the dresses that are a part of it also are changing with time. it is becoming bolder and sharper and there is an emphasis on bright colors and designs.

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