Tips to Choose the Best Call Tracking Software

Tips to Choose the Best Call Tracking Software
Tips to Choose the Best Call Tracking Software

Call tracking software is an important part of a business, as it checks the leads from the ad campaigns and keeps track of service demands. Besides, it works both offline and online. You can achieve better results from such software by assigning a unique phone number to the campaigns and instructing your support team to perform call-to-action service.

Choosing a proper call tracking software for customer engagement or any other official services depends on some facts that are easy to miss when you are doing this for the first time. It’s also very quick and simple to use the system once you are well-versed with it. Then if you look at the cost of this software it’s nothing compared to the other business requirement you have. However, before you choose the software let’s go through some useful tips.

Improved number generation

An efficient call tracking software should be able to generate phone numbers dynamically and based on your advertising campaigns. This means if you miss a javascript the code must be able to show the previous numbers that are on the URL page. If you want to do it manually you will have to spend a lot more time to get the best effect of it. So the software should be able to do this work for you so you can concentrate on your campaign. Also, it has to create an error-free solution.

Coverage of number

The main objective of call tracking is to establish some unique phone numbers through the campaign. If you have the global market in target for your marketing, you have to choose the best call tracking service provider that offers you phone numbers for both local and international both. Also if you have a choice of countries you should look for the same.

Call recording

These are the wealth of details about your targeted audiences and their requirements. After a time, you can identify the patterns in the ways the customers ask about your products. You can get this advantage with the phone call tracking system as you have to provide information to the application. Ask the provider if they will be able to provide you with this service.

Third-party service integration

It gets easier to get the solution faster when you integrate other tools into the software that you generally use in your company. For instance, you can add a web analytics tool with call tracking and recording. The moment you integrate the CRM software you will gain access to the entire cycle of sales and information on the offline leads. So it will make your campaign task easy and it’s a factor that you must consider.

Better flexibility

Every business uses data according to its requirements. So it would differ from other organizations. If you want real-time action for your sales reps, then when a call comes for a readymade product and it’s not complete, it should be able to build it over the API of the service vendor. The ability to customization the software has a very crucial role in the ways you use the data.

Reliability and uptime

Once you select an online call tracking software the calls of the customers and clients will go through the infrastructure of the service provider. This means you can get better quality and increased uptime than before. If you do not use the same you might lose credibility and leads from the targeted consumers.


It’s also important to know the price of the software. You can compare the price with two other services, and choose the one that fulfills your requirements.

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