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5 Most Stylish Womens Golf Clothes

5 Most Stylish Womens Golf Clothes
5 Most Stylish Womens Golf Clothes

Golf is a very disciplined game with its own etiquettes and strict regulations. While there are no strict rules for the dress codes, you can’t just wear anything out of your closet. Keep in mind that the way you dress directly impacts your performance. So, it is very important to dress your best. And if you’re looking for some of the most stylish golf outfit ideas, we got you covered. Golf is all about looking stylish and classy, so what are you waiting for? Let’s begin!


But before discussing the best golf outfit ideas, there are some things you should totally avoid :


  • Avoid wearing extra stylish tops and shirt with lots of bling, frills and bows.
  • Avoid wearing deep neck blouses and shirts.
  • Avoid wearing skirts that are too short
  • Avoid wearing heels or flip-flops
  • Avoid wearing a lot of jewellery and accessories
  • Avoid wearing loud colors, flashy prints and designs


5 Most Stylish Womens Golf Clothes To Try Out


1] Khaki Pants + Sweater 


This is one of the most popular women’s golf outfit ideas, especially for winters. It is a simple and yet classy outfit you can try out. You can go for light beige khaki pants and a sweater with decent patterns and colors. You can go for cardigans, sweaters, pullovers and whatnot.


  1. Short Sleeve Polo Shirts + Shorts 


When in doubt, wear polo shirts!

Polo shirts are the most versatile piece of clothing for both men and women. They are comfortable and look very classy as well. To create a stylish look, pair a dark colored short sleeve polo with a pair of shorts. Shorts can either be Bermudas or regular khaki ones.


Finish your look with a golf hat and a pair of sunglasses.


  1. Polo Shirt + Pencil Skirt 


Skirts are always a fun addition to any outfit. You can make a perfect golf attire using a pencil skirt and a polo shirt. Pencil skirts offer a nice shape to your body and give a clean, laid back and sophisticated look that fits well in a golf course.

You can make a dark with light combination on your tops and bottoms. Further, to complete the look, wear small block heels or tennis shoes along with cool shades.


  1. Sleeveless Golf Shirt + Bermuda Shorts 


Nothing is more comfortable than wearing a sleeveless shirt with a pair of Bermuda shorts on a hot sunny day. It is not just comfortable, but also looks super stylish as well. You can create a classy outfit by pairing a light colored sleeveless golf shirt with a pair of solid Bermuda shorts and tennis shoes to lock the look.


  1. Polo Shirt + Mini Skirt + Tights


If you want to look super cute and unique at the same time, then this outfit idea is for you. You don’t need to stay uncomfortable to look stylish by wearing mini skirts. All you need to do is add a pair of tights underneath your golf skirt. Add some nice high socks and sporty shoes to complete the look.


That’s about it. Tell us what’s your favorite look in the comment section below!


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