Is Concrete Overlay Worth It?

Is Concrete Overlay Worth It?
Is Concrete Overlay Worth It?

Does your existing concrete floor need to be repaired? Are you looking for changing the overall look of your floor? You probably need a concrete overlay on your existing floor. If you hire a team of professionals for concrete overlay Oklahoma City your overall look and performance of the floor will improve to a great extent. Even the life of the surface of the floor will get extended for years. While the overlaying products used during the process might vary, it is solely up to the customer, which one he will prefer. Concrete OKC are mainly applied as a thin layer over the existing floor to give a feather finish.

Types of concrete overlays

Generally, there are two types of concrete overlays- bonded & unbonded. The bonded ones become part of the existing underlying floor whereas unbonded overlays are placed on top of the existing floor. Here an interlayer is constructed which separates the old concrete and the new overlay. In case of a bonded overlay, the overlay is placed on top of your existing concrete floor to ensure a full bond among the two layers. Are you looking concrete Companies OKC.

Why you should opt for the concrete overlay?

Following are the reasons why you should consider doing a concrete overlay in Oklahoma City:

  • It helps to correct the surface deficiency of existing floor
  • It helps to improve the skid resistance
  • It helps improve the structural capacity of the floor
  • It helps to reduce the roughness of the surface of the existing floor
  • Enhances the overall appearance of your floor
  • Concrete overlays come in several different textures and colors

Things you should consider before hiring professionals for concrete overlay of the floor

Following are a few factors which one should keep in mind before going for concrete overlay in Oklahoma City:

  • The flooring condition- The first thing to consider is to evaluate the condition of the existing floor. For instance, if the floor is subjected to extreme conditions and heavy foot traffics then you should opt for durable overlay materials which can withstand wear & tear.
  • Surface valuation- The next step is evaluating the floor surface. The most common method used is deflection testing. Apart from assessing the floor surface, the percentage of beneath support of the floor should be also considered.
  • Evaluating the foot traffic- To choose the material of overlay to be used in the project you also need to evaluate the foot traffic. The more the percentage of foot traffic, the higher should be the durability of the material used during the overlay.

Variations of floor concrete overlays

The various types offer different colors, textures and performance attributes. Following are the most common floor concrete overlays:

  • Concrete self-leveling overlay
  • Concrete micro-topping overlay
  • Concrete stamped overlay
  • Spray-down overlay


When you hire a professional agency for concrete overlay in Oklahoma City, the team will come for an inspection and suggest to you which material or type will suit best for your floor. Hire a professional team now and enhance the overall look of your floor.

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